Wepet just got smarter – automatically detect dog breed with AI

Automatic dog breed recognition

AI has been a super hot topic in 2017, some have high hope that it will make our lives much more enjoyable, some have concerns that it might one day take over the world and destroy the human race. One way or another, the world is changing, and we need to adapt.

As the most advanced social network for dogs, we’re dedicated to bringing the best services to our members.

So what’s Wepet doing with AI?

We have implemented a new feature that utilises the cutting-edge Google Vision API service to helps us recognise the breed of your beloved friends, here’s how it works:

After creating a dog profile, if you upload an avatar for the dog without previously specifying the breed, we’ll ask Google Vision service to analyse the image data and provide us with a list of possible breeds. The data will then be cross-referenced with our own database to get rid of some irrelevant information, and leave the user with a set of options where they tick a (few) boxes and update the dogs breed automatically.

Sounds complicated? In short, we can now magically guess the breed of your dog.

Don’t believe us? Login to Wepet and upload an avatar for your dog, you’ll see how awesome it is.

Making registration easy-peasy

Registration fields

A complicated sign-up process can be extremely annoying, websites ask you for everything about you before you can create an account. It’s almost like a police check. Not cool.

However, coming from a website’s point of view, especially a social network site, some details are necessary in order to provide a customised user experience.

At Wepet we understand users may not wish to provide all the details about themselves, the registration process should be easy, and possibly, fun. That’s why we have updated our registration page, we have simplified the process and it takes less than a minute before you have a wepet account and start socialising with other dog lovers.

We are constantly working on improving our user experience and work with third parties to make our site more user-friendly. We cannot achieve this without your help, so head to our feedback page and let us know how we can serve you better.

Better filters, better photos

wepet.net filter bar

It’s hard to take good photos with your dog, we know, they’re excited, they lick your face, they run away… We’ve all been there. What’s even more frustrating is when you do take a good picture, it can be too dark, too bright, too pale… You get the idea, they don’t look as good as those in magazines.

Wepet provide image filters to help you make your pictures look great and feel great. It’s right there in the workflow when you upload a photo.

This feature is available to everyone, so what are you waiting for? Login to wepet and start uploading pictures!

If you have any filter suggestions, send us a message and see it become reality.

Near Me feature online

Hey awesome people,

We are very exited to announce that our Near Me feature has been pushed online!

What’s this Near Me thingy?

There is a brand new menu items that comes up when you log into wepet.net now, titled “Near Me”, from the name you can probably tell, it’s a location-based feature that allows you to search what’s happening near where you are. (We’ll ask for your permission before getting your location details)

What are Flyers?

Wepet members can create Flyers which are location-based cards, that contains… anything!

People can create Flyers to exchange goods, organise events, look for playmates, find dog-related service providers, or in an unfortunate turn of event, post emergency missing pet notice.

The more users who post Flyers the more fun there is. So whatever problem you’re having now, create a Flyer for it!

Can I change Flyers after creation?

Yes, you can, after the initial publish, if you wish to update your Flyer, simply click on the green edit button located at top-right corner of your Flyer to enter the edit screen.



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